Terra Roam is available for podcasts, interviews, expert panels, slide nights, public speaking and mentorships. 

To book Terra please email terraroams@gmail.com

Her extensive adventures in Australia and around the world have given Terra a few good yarns and a lot of insight.

Some of Terra's experiences include walking a record setting 17,200km solo unaccompanied lap around Australia plus more than 6,000kms solo bushwalking through Australian coastal and alpine wilderness, sailing, kayaking, bike touring, diving with great white sharks, swimming with crocodiles, snorkelling deserted islands with turtles and whales, kissing cobras and tracking tigers for conservation, hitch hiking around Australia, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and snow camping, trekking the Himalayas solo, trekking and sailing the Indonesian Archipelago and years of volunteering in Australia and overseas with animal rescue, conservation, social justice, fire fighting and search and rescue.

Terra is also passionate about sharing challenging and life changing insights, particularly some of the important lessons learnt along the way about minimalism, vagabonding, human powered travel, endurance, van life, safety and survival, women's solo international travel, cultural etiquette, ethical and sustainable adventure, the power of the mind, mental health and wellbeing, women's empowerment and embracing solitude.